RX Bars, worth it? An honest review!

Product Review Time 

This is going to be short and sweet but I know that many of you are looking for my thoughts on the taste of the newer RX bars.  So when I am looking at this type of "bar" I am checking out several things! One is the ingredients. Where is the sugar coming from, added or whole foods? Are there words I can not pronounce? Is there more than 6-7 ingredients? Second is the taste/texture. Is it styrofoam or too soft? The third is flavor. This is a huge one for me, it must be tasty with layers of flavor. One other caveat, "bars" are not a standard in my diet. It is something that I use when traveling or if I am in a pinch on the go. These are still heavy on the sugar content (natural) but still sugar. So just because something is a whole food does not mean you should have it on a daily bases. Now on to the review. 

As an overall review. The ingredients are Good! Two thumbs UP! Minimal, real food ingredients and NO added sugars. I think they taste pretty good, but a few things I did not love. One is the texture. They were a bit too chewy and lack the hearty bite I so enjoy with any type of bar.The flavor, that was independent of each bar!  I tasted 3 of the chocolate versions, mostly because I am a lover of chocolate. Here is what I think of each. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate:

I was dearly hoping to enjoy this, I love chocolate and peanut butter so very much. I was a bit disappointed. It lacked the PB flavor and it was a little bitter. It also had a particular chewy/stickiness more so than the others! If I had nothing else to choose from I would eat it. It is not awful but I will say I enjoy the Lara Bar version better. 

Coconut Chocolate:

This is my favorite of the 3. It had more crunch from the almonds and an over all better texture. Still on the chewy side but better. The flavor of the chocolate was much more pleasing and just love the hint of coconut! This is one I would buy again in a heart beat!

Chocolate Chip:

This was my second favorite and I loved the vanilla flavor. It really gave it some resemblance to a cookie. One thing to note, there are no chips in this bar. Unlike Lara Bars which have some chocolatey chips in some of their product. 


I would say I give it a 7 out of ten. Mostly because of the texture. Will I purchase again? I might, especially if my choices are limited. I will likely still use my Peanut Butter Lara bar too. I just love the flavor. I am thrilled that we are seeing more and more options in the "bar" department! But remember to keep these on the occasional list my friends! 

Blessing from my Kitchen to yours